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In Her Words: I Follow My Heart
by Alice McCall

The following article is part of March 2011's edition of Western North Carolina Woman's Magazine.  View the article in the online edition of the magazine!

When exactly did I start following the wisdom and guidance of my heart?  Certainly it began in earnest in 2000, when I decided to step out of my successful corporate career and embrace the unknown path of assisting others in transforming physical and emotional issues at the cellular level.  This step into the unknown was huge for me.  I focused on being courageous and trusting, as I continued listening to my heart for guidance.

Next, my heart led me to leave Atlanta and move to an unfamiliar, sleepy beach town on the gulf coast of Florida, where my new life and career unfolded.  In this quiet venue, my reputation grew quickly.  My client appointments rapidly increased, as did my speaking engagements and the publishing of my inspirational and educational articles.  Although I was still living day-to-day with my finances, life felt good and so did I.  The unknown was becoming my new known. 

Then lightning struck in 2007.  I received an unexpected diagnosis of breast cancer-ductal carcinoma, estrogen and progesterone receptive, left breast at 10 o’clock.  I was filled with fear.  Who wouldn’t be?  Doctors, along with many friends and family, pressured me to follow the ‘gold standard,’ traditional recommendation of having my left breast and underarm lymph nodes removed, followed by procedures with negative side effects to my body.  And they wanted me to do it now!  My heart, however, had something else in mind. 

My heart wanted me to courageously step into the unknown once again, despite my fears and the fears of those around me.  My heart wanted me to walk my talk.  My heart wanted me to be able to offer solid hope to others that there is another way to transform health issues such as cancer.  It was one of the toughest decisions that I was ever led to make.  Even the time I was guided to fly to a foreign country on a certain date and return on a certain date, which I did, was nothing compared to this.  Although traveling to a foreign country deeply challenged my ability to “be in trust,” stepping onto my own self-healing path was a quantum leap in trust.  I had to be the facilitator and the client at the same time!  Obviously, this became the crystal clear focus of my undivided attention.  Nothing, let me repeat, NOTHING was more important than my self-healing work, my diet, and my holistic protocols. 

Let me pause here to discuss the different aspects of the fear a little further.  I was afraid because the “C” disease is serious, often fatal.  Although I had successfully worked with others to transform serious health issues (such as stage 3 lymphoma, non-curable; and stage 4 kidney failure), what if I failed with myself?  I worried, “Would anyone ever work with me again if I failed?”  And, of course, I was afraid because the medical community and many others around me were pumping fear into me.  Demands were made for instant decisions, even though the diagnosis was considered “early detection.”  Everyone wanted to tell me what to do and how to do it. 

Gradually, I got myself together enough to spend time within my heart and soul, seeking God’s guidance.  In this sacred space, where I had learned to go for wisdom and direction, I was asked, “What do you want to do?”  I contemplated.  I knew what I did not want to do.  I did not want the negative side effects of radiation, chemotherapy, and possible hormone therapy.  I knew I wanted my breast and the nearby lymph glands and nodes to stay in place.  With that realization, I was able to acknowledge what I wanted for the first time.  I wanted to walk my own path.  There it was.  It was out in the open for me to see and feel clearly.  My body responded and resonated with this clarity.  My breast, which had been inflamed and agitated, suddenly calmed down.  What a powerful reinforcement for me! 

Next, within the sacred space of my heart and soul, I was asked, “Why then are you so afraid?  Why do you doubt success?”  I reflected.  I didn’t doubt God.  I did not doubt my angels and spiritual guides.  I trust them implicitly.  They are always there for me when I work with my clients.  There was silence in my mind and thoughts, and then… oh, there it was - the truth.  I doubted myself.  What if I was not good enough to be facilitator and client at the same time?  What if I simply came up short? 

We all have issues in our lives.  In reality, however, if we are honest with ourselves, doubting one’s own self always rises to the top of the list.  It was then that I looked this issue directly in its face and bravely said to myself, “Looks like another opportunity for self-mastery.  If my heart and soul feel I can do this, then I can.  I have the proven skills and knowledge from my practice.  I just need to get out of my own way and trust the process.” 

After this brave declaration, I spent time energetically shifting my self-doubt within all levels of my being.  I tossed my fear and doubt out the window and stated my intention.  “I intend that I will be guided to successfully heal myself of breast cancer, so that I can offer hope to others and share what I learn.”  Then I embarked on the most courageous journey my heart has ever asked of me. 

Five and a half weeks after using my knowledge of Cellular Level Healing®, together with the help of God and my angels, and my skills in hypnotherapy and psychology, the place where the cancer resided felt dormant.  I don’t want to paint this as an easy picture, because during this five and a half week period, I was laser-focused on working on my mind, emotions, spirit, and body in many, many amazing sessions.  It was my singular point of concentration.  I recorded several of the sessions in my journal and was inspired to express many of my experiences in what I call spiritual drawings - drawings that just came right out from inside me. 

Soon I had spiritual validation that the cancer was healed from the inside out, and I felt the energy inside the lump in my breast go dormant.  However, although smaller, the lump was still there.  I had no medical proof until two and a half months later when I learned about thermograms, a safe alternative to mammograms. 

When I finally received the doctors’ report from the thermogram scan, it showed no indication of cancer!  You can’t imagine how jubilant I was, how filled with gratitude.  In fact, I was constantly filled with gratitude for the amazing support I had in my personal healing sessions.  My deceased father and grandmother were present.  The angels and guides that help me when I work with clients were present.  I truly felt completely supported. 

I learned there are many things we can do to support health and prevent disease, as well as heal, that cost little or no money.  Even though they cost no money, these things have a big impact on the cells of our bodies.  Lots of sleep and deep breathing to oxygenate the cells certainly fall into this category and were high priorities for me.  Also, diet and nutrition were very important parts of my journey, as was a focus on maintaining a healthy immune system and positive emotions.  Learn about these supportive tools in Wellness Wisdom.

It has been over three years since my diagnosis, and there is still no indication of cancer.  My breast and lymph nodes that were to be removed are healthy parts of me.  I am blessed for many reasons.  I am blessed because without this diagnosis of cancer, I would never have done the work to resolve deep emotional and mental wounds within me.  I am so light and bright as a result.  Nothing gets to me anymore!  This is a true gift. 

I am blessed because of the spiritual support that I continue to receive.  I am blessed because my intention to heal, so that I could offer hope to others and share what I have learned, continues to manifest.  My personal wellness journey has produced my book, Wellness Wisdom, several CDs, speaking engagements, articles such as this, radio interviews, audio clips on breast cancer sites, and the list keeps growing.  Wow!  All of this has occurred because I got out of my own way, threw away fear, and followed my heart’s wisdom.  I have learned that when you do, it always works out. 

A few years have passed since that pivotal self—healing journey.  Where has my heart guided me since?  To Western North Carolina.  I was specifically guided to leave Florida and move to the greater Asheville area.  Once again, I stepped out on faith, knowing no one in this area.  Everyone thought I was a little crazy.  I, however, knew it was perfect, because my heart has never been wrong!  And surely this is exactly where I am supposed to be, because I have been warmly welcomed personally and professionally. 

So what about all those fear driven friends?  I left them behind.  I chose to surround myself with those who supported me in my choice.  I also learned never to make a decision when immersed in fear.  Someone I know made a hasty decision in the midst of her fear.  After receiving the diagnosis of breast cancer, within days she had her breast and lymph glands removed.  When her removed breast went to the lab, no trace of cancer was found.  Today she still cannot release her anger from this experience.  In my opinion, the proven advice of taking time to seek other opinions and paths is always a prudent one.   

Am I espousing that everyone take the path I did?  Absolutely not!  What I am a proponent of, however, is that everyone listen to the wisdom of their own heart, soul, and body when making important decisions, versus giving the power and responsibility over to others, or to your ‘ego’ mind.  Wisdom that is perfectly tailored for each of us is sourced within.  The center of their heart is the first place I take clients to assist in accessing their own spiritual wisdom.  Many receive guidance that their path is to use traditional medical protocols while working with me for support and complete transformation.  If that is the case, that is how I assist them. 

In 2004, I was guided to create my CD Heart and Soul, which talks about the importance of following your heart and gives tips for doing so.  One of my main messages on this CD is that following your heart is a journey that demands trust, and the more you do it the easier it becomes.  It gets easier because in retrospect you realize each time that things always end up okay or maybe even better than you thought they could.  This makes it easier to release fear and move forward the next time. 

It really is easier to trust the wisdom of one’s heart versus trying to figure everything out with the analysis of one’s mind.  Mental analysis can often bring what I call ‘analysis paralysis.’  It is easy to get stuck in that pattern and never move forward.  There is a graceful fluidity in trusting one’s own wisdom and moving ahead.  I offer this story from my heart to yours.

My ability to courageously travel with trust was learned with love and is shared with love. 


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